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Health. Freedom. Lifestyle. For years the health of our friends, family and children has been deteriorating without any real solution to the root cause of our problems. The messaging we hear is that we should go to the doctor when we get sick, follow doctors orders blindly, take medication, service high insurance premiums and under go invasive procedures to heal. The truth is there is a better way. Welcome to the Live Naturally Inspired Community.
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Naturally Inspired Health Summit 2024

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Naturally Inspired Health Summit

Come meet The Medical Rebel…Dr Lee Merritt in person!

Naturally Inspired Health Summit. June 1, 2024. Loveland Colorado.

5 key note speakers. 13 local speakers, 55 vendor booths, 1500 attendees and so much more….

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Bill Maher Candace Owens

Some fascinating moments in this interview.

Listen live Mon.-Thurs 3-4pm MST.

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Meredith Miller - Regenerating Resilience. Bridging The Gap Between Trauma And Purpose

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“Revolutionizing Mealtime 🍽️ : Natural Premium Beef 🥩 Delivered to Your Door 🏠With Dean Lerwick”

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