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My name is Tammy Cuthbert Garcia. I am Canadian, 🇨🇦 born and raised in Victoria B.C, but I live in northern Colorado now. .👇
I have been married 25 years and my husbands name is Jayson, but I always call him Jay ❤.
We have two kids, my son Mateo who is almost 18 and my daughter Milyana who is 15.👨‍👧
Together we live on a small acre farm with goats, chickens, turkeys, cats, dogs, an alpaca family, a Llama named Kyle and 5 Scottish highlander cattle and two two are brand new calfs. 🐕🐐🦃🐓🐈🐴🐂 
We call it #1890homestead as it was an original 160 acre homestead property. 🇺🇸
I love to grow my own food, cook clean healthy foods and study natural ways to keep my whole family healthy. I work everyday to walk my talk because I know it works. I run, strength train, manage stress, get sleep, eat clean, take vitamins and am always working on personal development. 
I also love wine and there isn’t enough coffee in the world. ❤️😉
I’d like to build a community that is supportive and nurturing to others who recognize lifestyle matters. Health, Wellness, Happiness. 
I started a natural health podcast called, Naturally Inspired about 18 months ago. I wanted to help spread awareness that there’s more to health than pills and surgery. Boy, I had no idea what was in store when I did.
Through the pandemic I have interviewed over 70 professionals and people who have valuable knowledge about how to achieve optimum health. 
I have interviewed great thought leaders and insiders who have first hand knowledge about our health systems. Dr. Scott Jensen, Dr. Lee Merritt, Mikki Willis, Sean Stone, Dr. Carrie Madej, Gerald Pausner, Wayne Rohode, Cilla Whatcott, Ben Joseph Stewart and many more. 
I am passionate about truth in health and nutrition. I believe the jig is up and Big Pharma and the corporations that have been extorting our health for profit for over a century are on the ropes. We are at a crossroads and we have an opportunity to change healthcare for the better together.
We can’t fix anything before we acknowledge what is wrong.
I hope you will consider connecting with me through this journey. 
Here’s what you’ll get if you do: 
Daily Videos featuring health articles 
Weekly podcast interview with featured guest
Daily blog post 
A wonderful supportive community. 
Oh and…
Gratuitous farm pics of animals and lazy dogs on the homestead. 🤣
I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you so much for taking a minute to check it out. 😊

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